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2002 T.R. Nimen Inc Gala Preview

2002 T.R. Nimen Inc  Gala Preview
Print:: FIT: page from Thesis Studies on WW1 and WW2 American Propaganda Posters: 2007

Engineering Design: American Greenhousing

T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print

T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print
Employment: T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print - Duotone - inside panel section

Site Map 2:

Civil Service Engineering: Drafting

Interactive Development

Interactive Development
Employment: T.R. Nimen Inc: Design for 2003 Gala Preview Invite - Interactive Brochure: Built with *Macromedia Flash

Copy Edu and References

Objective of graphic communications is to serve:
Seeking a 7 to 10 year maximum secure job of full-time
employment in:Graphic Design and Multi-media
Pratt Institute 01-BFA: Communication Media Arts
FIT 07-MA: Illustration : 3.2 gpa
References: available here

Resume Info/ Employers

Pratt Institute Brooklyn, NY USA Re: Director of Educational Technology

Pratt Institute Brooklyn,  NY  USA 
Re: Director of Educational Technology

Curriculum Development and Outline:

1. Curriculum Development
A. Intro Curriculum: Semester 1: Traditional findings, learning and exploration -
Semester 2: Experimental, Assessment and Cultivation Encourage students
to study and develop a book of thier oxn 1st semesters art and design
theory based on coproactively seeking new technology to assist academic
goals and professional development composition, color theory, typography,
publication design, web design, information management and organization:
and honoring Charles Goslins professional design ethics. | Book
This book is a recording of your work and traditional
graphic design policy. |  Basic foundations for Arts Education
and Academic elementary building blocks.


2. Professional Development
*Theories Supporting:
Computer Sciences, Art History and Color Theory:

The history and technology of Stainclass windows:
A. Compounds for Computer Science: a comparison
and study guide.
B. A foundation and study guide for color theory:
     light, hue, value and brightness
C. A founding foudation and place of orientation for Art History.

Photosynthesis and Botany: 
Computer Sciences,
Art History and Color Theory
Periodic table: Computer Sciences 


B. Design a website based on the courses expectations; for the course.
This site will be a platform of art and design ethics and theory of what
will learn in the class; Examples of themes; courrse and assignment
examples, student upload of work. How the course
will taught, Supplies lists;
exact intinaries.


3.  Research  |  C. Journalism: Interviews:
Blogger Column into Classroom presentation:
*Interview occupations on how technology is used within their field and on the job:
1. Whats your occupation?
2. What's your favorite part of the job?
3. How is technology used on your job or in your field?
(machines, computers, devices, etc)
4. A. What's your favorite part of your work/job/occupation?
B. Do you use any forms of technology?
5.  What's your favorite tool of technology for the |  work/job/occupation.
    B. How does technology make your job easier, smarter, faster and better?

6. Follow Up: write a follow letter to the interviewee and thier managers
/corporate/CEO assistence/ on how our class can be directed to
work for your company within the improvement of design standards.
How can students follow-up with your corporation within this job field
and technincal aspects?

A. About the class 
B. Explain what we do: The Exploration 
C: How can we support your corporation? Using technology


D. Design a logo for the class based on Technology and Education: make stickers


E. Design a website that instructs the class with videos and directions:
*Reading off the site: presenting videos: instructing direction to students from the site:
*Designing to instruct to the class: with motion graphics, design and the elements of design.
* The Interactive design are composed book covers: including navigation
and each page influencing the elements of design.


F. Handel putting his words of music to the Bible: Media
A. The History of Technology and Theory: An Explanation:
1. The Use of Technology: The extension a human navigation,
     direction and planning
2. Corporate protocol using technology to sell their ideas, concepts and products:
    through the elements of design: history, layout, color and initiative:
    a. Ho
w technological elements in design assist corporate protocol through motion graphics,
        3Dimensional design and music; all assembling into media interaction to make
        product sell and venture capitalism; supporting global trade and exchange.
3. Color theory: the study of peoples and culture and the uses of thier light and color:
    a. How nations use color and where color comes from in thier countries and culturals.

Curriculum Outline: Instructing using articles from favorite magazines:
Time, National Geographic, Newsweek, Consumer report
Ex. Consumer Report: design an 1 award for best car in the magazine
      along with the 2 print and 3 interactive ad.
A. Catergorize the article
B. Read the article
C. How is technology used or addressed in the article
D. Highlight the point of interest in the article.
E. Assign an element of venture for the article based on the category:
    1. based on the catergory of the article how will we endeavor technology
        from the article: ex. an article about trees in California from Japan.
        will endeavor to: *(techno) posters to converse the interest of these trees
        or a digital brochure with information about the trees to large valued corporations.
F. Typography and design elements: learning typography from foriegn and domesitic currency.
    The assembley of design elements within currency/dollars:
    the use of typography and illustration and information
    Supporting the elements of Technogy and design:
    the history and making of currency, foriegn and US money.
    The history of the technology and information behind it.
    The Federal Reserve; how does the making of money
    support the use of technology in design with history,
    color theory, layout, graphics, coding of information
    typography, the concept of why we use currency
    and technology inventived to make currency.
    How do other countries regard the making of
    money and the elements used to make it.
    The history of money including coinage and currency.


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WHC: Publishing: Poster: Community Development Outreach

WHC: Publishing: Poster: Community Development Outreach
Graphic Educator | Educational Media Poster: at the Weeksville Heritage Center: Museum:

2002 Wreath, Menorah & Stocking Competition Poster

2002 Wreath, Menorah & Stocking Competition Poster
Graphic Designer at T.R. Nimen Inc in 2002

NYFC Logo Proposal

NYFC Logo Proposal
duane smith illustration: design: NYFC Logo Proposal

NYFA Logo text

Symbol Development for proactive solutions:
The logo below was designed for a urban Health program for community care in learning health proactivity: The symbol initiates the thinking for an office and motivation for the ad endeavors and perspective solutions: