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2002 T.R. Nimen Inc Gala Preview

2002 T.R. Nimen Inc  Gala Preview
Print:: FIT: page from Thesis Studies on WW1 and WW2 American Propaganda Posters: 2007

Engineering Design: American Greenhousing

T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print

T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print
Employment: T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print - Duotone - inside panel section

Site Map 2:

Civil Service Engineering: Drafting

Interactive Development

Interactive Development
Employment: T.R. Nimen Inc: Design for 2003 Gala Preview Invite - Interactive Brochure: Built with *Macromedia Flash

Copy Edu and References

Objective of graphic communications is to serve:
Seeking a 7 to 10 year maximum secure job of full-time
employment in:Graphic Design and Multi-media
Pratt Institute 01-BFA: Communication Media Arts
FIT 07-MA: Illustration : 3.2 gpa
References: available here

Resume Info/ Employers

17 May 2011

Rush Philanthropic: Writing Sample: 3

Rush ARTS Gallery
2001-2005 | Art Instruction: 3D Designer Instructor

In 2001, my first full-time job after graduation was with a small studio
in downtown Manhattan called T.R. Nimen, Inc. A small studio of three
in lower Manhattan serving graphic design to patrons of corporate accounts,
non-profits and entertainment collateral, as a graphic designer.
While working
I decided to volunteer my Saturday mornings as a 3-dimensional designer at
Rush ARTS Gallery for Rush Philanthropic. Every week for eight weeks for
four years I’d
meet with gallery curators, an associate educator and students
to discuss ideas to support
Rush ARTS Gallery which supports the conquest
of community development and arts education. With support from educators,
schools, parents and surrounding organizations, urban youth from the
neighborhoods extending from 21st street to 27th street in Manhattan
are encouraged to work with Rush ARTS Gallery to develop work surrounding
art & design.
As 3-dimensional design instructor my duties we’re to lead students
/youths in conceptual
theory for a varietyof projects within the gallery.Within the
span of five years working with
Rush Philanthropic the concourse of work expanded
from functional clock designs from
lamps to urban development within the community,
example: the community highline structure re-construction
in Manhattan on 10th
avenue was use as a platform to exhibit youth concepts of the
new design.
The organization of Rush Philanthropic foundedby Russell Simsons uses

RushGallery Saturday art program to encourage community youth to
and design as it enlightens educational and organizational efforts.

Visual Arts Presentation:


*website design: unpublished

*Holiday Card
| Illustrator

Saturdays | 2001-2005 | Rush Philanthropic:
Phat Farm: New York, New York:
3D Designer Instructor: by contract/seasonal
Teaching children, ages 8-12, in a five week
Saturday morning Visual Arts Mentorship
program introducing 3D design through
a series of projects investigating various concepts.

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WHC: Publishing: Poster: Community Development Outreach

WHC: Publishing: Poster: Community Development Outreach
Graphic Educator | Educational Media Poster: at the Weeksville Heritage Center: Museum:

2002 Wreath, Menorah & Stocking Competition Poster

2002 Wreath, Menorah & Stocking Competition Poster
Graphic Designer at T.R. Nimen Inc in 2002

NYFC Logo Proposal

NYFC Logo Proposal
duane smith illustration: design: NYFC Logo Proposal

NYFA Logo text

Symbol Development for proactive solutions:
The logo below was designed for a urban Health program for community care in learning health proactivity: The symbol initiates the thinking for an office and motivation for the ad endeavors and perspective solutions: