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2002 T.R. Nimen Inc Gala Preview

2002 T.R. Nimen Inc  Gala Preview
Print:: FIT: page from Thesis Studies on WW1 and WW2 American Propaganda Posters: 2007

Engineering Design: American Greenhousing

T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print

T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print
Employment: T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print - Duotone - inside panel section

Site Map 2:

Civil Service Engineering: Drafting

Interactive Development

Interactive Development
Employment: T.R. Nimen Inc: Design for 2003 Gala Preview Invite - Interactive Brochure: Built with *Macromedia Flash

Copy Edu and References

Objective of graphic communications is to serve:
Seeking a 7 to 10 year maximum secure job of full-time
employment in:Graphic Design and Multi-media
Pratt Institute 01-BFA: Communication Media Arts
FIT 07-MA: Illustration : 3.2 gpa
References: available here

Resume Info/ Employers

07 April 2011

Weeksville Heritage Center | Museum: Writing Sample: 1

as graphic communicator,
draftmans, educator: 2006-2010


As Educator | Graphic Communicator |
Illustrator and draftmans for

Weeksville Heritage Center:

efforts included four years
of *six museum | school programs,
graphic design services including
illustration, drafting and
presentations and curriculum


Weeksville Heritage Center
Boys and Girls High School.
more writing to come about
programs and CDO report
within graphic communications.

For the Big Read Program Initiative
for students in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Boys and Girls School
for schools and librari
es |
Designed with students from
Boys and Girls School and
surrounding communities.


Curriculum Sample and Instruction Ethics: BIG READ: “ TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD”: Project Synopsis: The following posters are based on the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird”. For Weeksville Heritage Center the posters are for a nationwide grant that uses the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird” to encourage young people to read. Weeksville Heritage Center approach me to work with a few selected youth from the community and surrounding communities. I was asked to lead the a project of designing postersthat was based on various aspects of the book. The following are two sets of posters. The first set were designed in 2007 and the second set was designed in 2008. The posters were designed to engage more people to read the book “To Kill A Mockingbird”. POSTER ONE was designed based on the concepts of the young people. This particular poster was based on the environment of the book Maycomb County. Poster one is design based on the use of typography. We introduced the idea of using typography as a way to communicate the evironment of the community.By using color the posters also give us a sense the mood of the community. POSTER TWO was designed based on the concept of justice being used within the book. Once again we focused on the use of typography to describe the use of how justice plays a role in the book. POSTER THREE was designed based on the concept of racial injustice being communicated in the book. This particular poster I worked with a graffiti artist who I really liked. The way he wrote (or tagged). By combining the typographic treatment, texture and color were able to give the effect of a designed statement that communicates a 1930’s whites only directed statement. Set 2: 2008 This second set of posters was based on the same book “To Kill
a Mockingbird”. I was once again approach by Weeksville Heritage Center to work with the students of Boys and Girls High School. In this 2008 project I worked with four students from the school. All juniors in the school. We worked on the project for a span of six to eight weeks which included a summary of the book, very basic design history and exercise. In 2008 I also worked along with there social studies teacher. We decided to focus on the occupations with the book.: a student, a lawyer, a teacher and a farmer. Through a series of steps I was able to develop a cirruculum to guide the students to think the concept of the posters and how we wanted to communicate each chosen occupation within the book. 1 posters of 2008 where approached by the same standard within each occupation. By guiding the students we were able to produce posters that communicates the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” through our chosen occupation. The object was to have each poster stands on its own within a series to get viewers a new perspective on how to view the book. In conclusion, all three programs were very successful. I was able to guide and introduce high school students to graphic design that taught to them to use design to communicate and achieve functionality and purpose within typography and graphic images.


*Click on images for larger scale.

2006 | Hidden Brooklyn: youth zine: *coming soon


Based on the books:
To Kill A Mockingbird

and Fahrenheit 451

"To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee

2008 "To Kill AMockingbird" by Harper Lee

2009 "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury


Weeksville Heritage Center:
*Quill School Program at Cobble Hill School of American Studies
Vol. 2: 2008 | Developed with Students

*Educator - Graphic Communicator


Weeksville Heritage Center
Green Logo Nonprofit Communication | 2008


Weeksville Heritage Center:
*Information Card for Education
Harriet Powers



Weeksville Heritage Center:
*Information Card for Education
Weeksville Heritage Center Houses



Weeksville Heritage Center:

*Drafting plan | a part of Weeksville's
green argricultural effort:
garden design by
Jennifer Steverson
of Weeksville Heritage Center



Weeksville Heritage Center:

*Graphic Novel by the students
Cobble Hill School of American Studies
347 Baltic Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201-6432
Journal effort:graphic element design by
the students
of Cobble Hill School of
American Studies.

*Graphic Designer | Educator { Instructor }

2006-2010 Weeksville Heritage Center: (Museum): Brooklyn, New York:

graphic communicator | draftsman | educator | Instructing students within
Brooklyn based schools, ages 8-18, in programs held during and after-school
developing publications (teen formated magazines), posters reflecting the
Big Read initiative and conducting workshops. Instruction includes conceptual
development; training students to write, design and learn graphic communications
from both traditional and computer based standards. Services also include designing collateral and booklets for the related events. A. CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT: Instruction designed to plan project goals; made to work with groups upto 15 to 30 students
in planning and educational standards and efforts: research development
B. GRAPHIC TECHINICIAN | DRAFTSMAN: Designing collateral and booklets
for the related events/working with printers and staff administration;
providing informative illustrations; and urban rendering and drafting.

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WHC: Publishing: Poster: Community Development Outreach

WHC: Publishing: Poster: Community Development Outreach
Graphic Educator | Educational Media Poster: at the Weeksville Heritage Center: Museum:

2002 Wreath, Menorah & Stocking Competition Poster

2002 Wreath, Menorah & Stocking Competition Poster
Graphic Designer at T.R. Nimen Inc in 2002

NYFC Logo Proposal

NYFC Logo Proposal
duane smith illustration: design: NYFC Logo Proposal

NYFA Logo text

Symbol Development for proactive solutions:
The logo below was designed for a urban Health program for community care in learning health proactivity: The symbol initiates the thinking for an office and motivation for the ad endeavors and perspective solutions: