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2002 T.R. Nimen Inc Gala Preview

2002 T.R. Nimen Inc  Gala Preview
Print:: FIT: page from Thesis Studies on WW1 and WW2 American Propaganda Posters: 2007

Engineering Design: American Greenhousing

T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print

T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print
Employment: T.R. Nimen Inc | 2003 Gala Preview Invite | Print - Duotone - inside panel section

Site Map 2:

Civil Service Engineering: Drafting

Interactive Development

Interactive Development
Employment: T.R. Nimen Inc: Design for 2003 Gala Preview Invite - Interactive Brochure: Built with *Macromedia Flash

Copy Edu and References

Objective of graphic communications is to serve:
Seeking a 7 to 10 year maximum secure job of full-time
employment in:Graphic Design and Multi-media
Pratt Institute 01-BFA: Communication Media Arts
FIT 07-MA: Illustration : 3.2 gpa
References: available here

Resume Info/ Employers


Bio and Initiative  |  My name is Duane Smith. I’m a graphic communicator
from Albany, NY
with a Bachelors of Fine Arts 01 in Communication Media Arts
from Pratt Institute
in Brooklyn, NY and a Master’s in Illustration from F.I.T. 07
(The Fashion Institute
of Technology) in New York City. I born and raised in
Albany, New York, my focus
has always been art driven. As a  graphic
communicator, illustrator, educator,
civil service engineer: with expertise in
graphic design for print,website front-end
develop-ment and education media
development within non-profitsincluding
museum communications efforts. 
As a graphic media designer I've designed
a number of works for a variety
of markets. Beginning with 199
7 Gretchen Bellinger Inc
in  Albany, N.Y.,
as a : fulltime Sample Designer where I designed showroom layouts

for Gretchen Bellinger Inc showrooms both national and international and
developing sample kits to Oberlander Design in 1999 in Albany, New York
as a fulltime junior designer where I designed and produced brochures, invitations
for various New York City Ballet clients to BookLight Inc 2000-0, New York, New York,
as a graphic design to  T.R. Nimen Inc in 2001-2003  New York, New York:
as a graphic designer to Groundswell Community Mural Project in 2004-2009
in Brooklyn, New York as Lead Muralist | Instructor and Weeksville Heritage
{ Museum } in 2006-2010 in Brooklyn, New York as graphic educator | draftsman.
I've also been an art & design instructor for a number of organizations in New York
Beginning as an instructor in the 2001 Summer Design Program with
Pratt Institute
I hope to continue to create curriculae to inspire young people
to think conceptually as well as independently through books and program initiatives.

*Proficiency in the following programs include: QuarkXPress, Adobe CS5,
Blogger tech, Flash, HTML (CSS), XHTML, Java, Microsoft Office Programs,
and field drafting. I continue working and study communications
and architecture today seeking a fulltime position in my field
with a | 7 to 10 | year job perpective and looking to relocate
if needed.

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WHC: Publishing: Poster: Community Development Outreach

WHC: Publishing: Poster: Community Development Outreach
Graphic Educator | Educational Media Poster: at the Weeksville Heritage Center: Museum:

2002 Wreath, Menorah & Stocking Competition Poster

2002 Wreath, Menorah & Stocking Competition Poster
Graphic Designer at T.R. Nimen Inc in 2002

NYFC Logo Proposal

NYFC Logo Proposal
duane smith illustration: design: NYFC Logo Proposal

NYFA Logo text

Symbol Development for proactive solutions:
The logo below was designed for a urban Health program for community care in learning health proactivity: The symbol initiates the thinking for an office and motivation for the ad endeavors and perspective solutions: